Vape A Vet Project Aims To Help Veterans ’Conquer’ Tobacco Habits

It is not difficult to help a vet conquer their tobacco addiction. A physical retailer should simply stock Upside E-Liquids and Bottle Ready to Vape Liquids. 100 percent of the wholesale profits earned from these sales are used to pay for warehouse space, fund kit purchases, and cover support and outreach with a donation to the Vape a Vet Project.

Juice manufacturers have the option of making special flavors and using the logo. This provides donations for part of the sales of that specific flavor to the Vape a Vet Project. This is an incredible way of showing vapers you believe in and support their cause.

Mod Makers and Juice Manufacturers can make donations to the care packages sent every month. Approximately 800 care packages are separated, packaged and distributed to soldiers worldwide every month. The hardware requested is gen(ish), meaning no cigalikes, cartos, etc. The 3mg juice is always needed because the current requests far exceed what has been donated. There are already a ton of donated 0mg and higher nic. All the donated items must be unopened, new and not expired. E-juice is similar to food because nobody would even consider donating a hamburger that was half-eaten. Information regarding donating products is always available.

Online retailers should think about making a coupon code, and matching it with a donation. A good code suggestion is VAPEAVET, and a customer can receive a five percent discount off an order with a matching donation of five percent. This provides customers with a chance to save some cash while doing a little something for the vets.

Vapers can easily support this important project by giving their support to BRV Liquids. This is one of Vape a Vet’s main funding sources. People can support this project simply by continuing what they are already doing. Since people are already vaping, it makes sense to save money, do a bit more, and vape for a cause.

A good idea is to talk with the local retailers, explain about Vape a Vet, and find out why they have not become involved. Explain how important the cause is and provide encouragement for them to pledge their support.

It is so easy to spread the word. Many people have friends or family currently serving or who have previously served. A lot of these people are using tobacco and would be delighted with the opportunity to provide a chance for vaping without any personal cost.