The Results Are In, The Military Love Trump

According to the recent polls by The Military Times Poll, those in the military are more likely to support President Trump. The polls showed that 44% of the troops have a positive and favorable view of president Trump compared to the other 40% who had an unfavorable view of all military genders and ethnicity. However, the views shifted according to the service members, for the officers only 30% had a favorable option compared to the enlisted troops where more than 48% of members approved the commander-in-chief. The polls revealed that around 53% of the military officers have a critical view. But comparing military men and women only 32% of women would support Trump compared to 47% of men, and when it comes to white against non- white’s troops, 51% of non-whites were unfavorably against Trump and only 37% of white soldiers were in favor.

The polls also showed that the president was loved and favored among marine’s troops with 59% indicating their positive views while he was the least favorite of the sailor’s forces with 49% showing unfavorable opinions. The results were conducted to more than one thousand soldiers actively on duty around September 7th to 25th. And done before the controversy of the Gold Star families and Trump over how the president handled their phones calls. The dispute includes the widow of the Niger Mission soldier who died during the operation, and since then the military troops seem to change their tune.

Notably, according to the Military Times, President Trump favorability has not shifted much since the last polls conducted in late 2016 after he became the president. During those elections, only 46% of the military troops had a favorable view of the president-elect while around 37% had an unfavorable view.

Since becoming the president, the Trump administration has reviewed the military policies and increased the military spending. However, the push to ban transgender from serving on the troops seemed unacceptable by most military members. But appoint of Defense Secretary James Mattis was widely received and appreciated by more than 84% from the military forces across all disciplines. The Military Times states that the conducted polls are scientific and the findings based on the confidential online survey which is voluntary and open for completion by any U.S Service member. Additionally, all the questions focused on national security issues and how Trump conducts the country affairs in the White House.