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US Military Concerned About Cannabinoids, Not About Vaping

The U.S. Army Public Health Center published a public health warning in January 2018, after reports of about 60 soldiers with serious health issues tied to the use of vape oils that manufacturers claimed contained cannabidiol (CBD) oil. The Army acknowledges that researchers have not found links between pure CBD oil and serious health problems. […]

Finally a Pro Military Administration. Pay Rises & More Boot on The Ground in 2018

A 2.4 percent pay raise for the military has been backed by negotiators from the Senate and House for fiscal 2018. This is expected to boost the end strength of over 20,000 troops, and fund weapon systems ranging from ground vehicles to ships to aircraft. The pay raise proposed would approximately equal the private sectors […]

New Vets Mental Health Care Act Passes Congress

Health care has long been a source of contention for veterans. For their service, they are thanked with limited and unaccommodating health care. As the daughter-in-law of a 67-year-old Marine who served in Vietnam, this is an issue I experience frequently and I feel strongly about. The quality of care and attention that veterans receive […]

The Results Are In, The Military Love Trump

According to the recent polls by The Military Times Poll, those in the military are more likely to support President Trump. The polls showed that 44% of the troops have a positive and favorable view of president Trump compared to the other 40% who had an unfavorable view of all military genders and ethnicity. However, […]